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Four months ago, the WrestleMania was held and it was indeed a nice one. The Undertaker vs Shane McMahon mained the event. Not quite long we noticed that the WWE has started planning for that of next year’s WrestleMania event which will be the WrestleMania 33.

Bray Wyatt the leader of a powerful stable recently appeared with his stable members The Wyatt’s Family on ESPN’s “Off The Top Rope” segment on SportsCenter and was interviewed by Todd Grisham about their WWE run. During the interview, Bray Wyatt was made to reveal certain things about his stables and their WWE vision.

Discussing with Todd Grisham, Bray said that the initiative of them coming together as a team was born out of curiosity; he said that they never expected to be this big as a team that the aim of their team is to gain respect from the people which they have gained. It is quite interesting achieving that which you set on to do.

More so, Bray said that the most beautiful thing in their lives as stable now is that people pay money to come watch them do their things in the WWE ring and another thing is that they now compete with famous WWE stars. He further discussed that The Undertaker is the god of WrestleMania that facing him is the greatest thing for any WWE superstar.

Furthermore, Bray recalled his encounter with the Rock as being a cool moment with him at WrestleMania stating that The Rock is such a big star than the Undertaker and added that he will love to finish his feud with him at the WrestleMania 33.