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It is just so exciting to know that this is the last WWE Monday Night RAW before the much expected Survivor Series.

The card for the event has for long been fix and all the matches has been set in place of orderliness. Some changes that were made were actually made some time ago before now.

This week’s episode of the WWE Monday night Raw had another dimension of the event show as it presents itself with much excitement than before. Sending fans were home happily would be an understatement because even from the beginning of the show, fans were already happy.

Fans had expected to see Bill Goldberg and Brock Lesnar in the show in another promotion that would lead to the forth coming PPV, Survivor Series even though there were some hindrances. I know you would want to ask, if they showed up.

Well, the point is that RAW is over and we are looking forward to the survivor series barely five days from now. I just cannot wait to glimpse the whole excitement because I have long been waiting.