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With the current crises of the TNA promotion, the best idea for the company is to be sold out. Dixie Carter has done all she could to ensure the smooth running of the company but to no avail so she just has to step down for the new President Billy Corgan.

It was revealed before now that the company was open for sale and report states that both WWE and ROH have plans to buy the company together. The fact that TNA suffers crises and failures makes it a wise idea to be sold out. Now, it is revealed that the bid to purchase the company is for ROH not WWE or the two big companies working together to want to buy their rival company TNA.

Recent report by states that, ROH wants to purchase the rival promotion to secure their television deals and have no plans of continuing TNA. However, a huge stumbling block in any potential move for the promotion is its complicated ownership structure. The new president who owns 30% of the company has earlier revealed his interest to purchase the company. While Corgan owns 30%, the rest 70% belongs to Dixie Carter.

More so, WWE also has interest in the purchase of the company and the reason is to access their video library to add to its growing collection of wrestling archives in the WWE Network. The WWE have no plans to keep the promotion going as a separate event or as part of its weekly or monthly schedule.

Furthermore, it makes more sense purchasing the TNA company because on the average, one hour of taping costs the WWE $500, so considering the 14,000 hours of videos that TNA would have taped over the course of its 14-year long life-span would cost the company roughly $7 million. It seems the whole idea of the purchase is still a proposal and may soon take off to reality.