WWE NEWS: More Of The McMahon Family Members Joining WWE Soon – See Details…

For sure, the WWE is the McMahons’ and been run by the same. The two commissioners of the two greatest shows in the WWE are the son and daughter of Vince McMahon, Shane McMahon the commisioner for SmackDown while, Stephanie McMahon the commissioner for RAW.

Well, as if this is not enough, the in-law of the family Triple H is the vice president of WWE and also sees to the affairs of the WWE NXT. Lately, during an interview with ESPN to promote the company’s new website, Stephanie McMahon revealed about her daughters possibly getting into Pro Wrestling in the future. Stephanie is married to Triple H and they have three daughters already, named Aurora Rose Levesque, Murphy Claire Levesque and Vaughn Evelyn Levesque.

During the interview, she said,’ “Aurora absolutely wants to be the women’s champion. She has been trained by Natalya. She has got her heart set on it, but we’ll see what happens there. I just want them to see unlimited opportunity and potential in themselves.”

More so, she added, “I grew up with a very strong role model in my mom, [Linda McMahon], who was the CEO of WWE and I never thought women couldn’t do anything. I never thought gender was a barrier but that wasn’t reality at that time. Now there are so many more opportunities for women and it’s absolutely imperative to me as a mother for my three daughters to know they can be anything in this world that they want to be as long as they believe in themselves and they’re willing to work hard for it”. s

Conclusively she said, “The female performers are given the same amount of time and the same opportunity as the male performers and I think it’s that opportunity that has allowed these women to really hone their craft. Professional wrestling is like performance art. It truly is. You’re taking the crowd on a ride, on an emotional roller coaster. It is a craft that takes time to perfect and I think the advantage of NXT is they are given that time to do just that,”