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The RAW manager Mick Foley had in several occasions revealed that he is going out of RAW as General Manager. This simply means that his time as the RAW GM is finally up.

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Announcing to the WWE Universe on facebook, Mick Foley posted the following: “HIP HIP HOORAY! I am cleared for hip surgery! It took a couple months, but I was able to get my health insurance back, and I’ll be getting my right hip replaced whenever I have a break in my schedule.

The bad news is that a hip replacement will not allow me to fly for about six weeks, due to potential blood clotting issues – which can be fatal. Really nothing to play around with.

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The good news is that the GM position doesn’t offer much in the way of long-term job security – so that break might present itself as a natural course of events.”

This has been officially confirmed as Mick Foley reveals Kurt Angle as a perfect candidate for his replacement as RAW GM. Ultimately, Kurt Angle has been privileged to be the WWE SmackDown live GM in the past which simply means that he is just fit for the post of replacing Mick Foley.