WWE NEWS: Mick Foley Unhappy With Daniel Bryan – See The Cause Of The Clash Between These General Managers…

The WWE team of workers has always given birth to creative idea which has been helping to elevate things and major happenings in the company at large.

Some months ago, the issue of brand extension was conceived and properly delivered and each brand being the Monday night RAW brand and the SmackDown Live brand respectively. The both brand has got their commissioners and its GM. Stephanie McMahon is the commissioner for RAW while Shane McMahon commissioner for SmackDown.

More so, the WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley is the general manager for RAW whereas, the former WWE talented superstar Daniel Bryan the general manager of SmackDown Live. Recent reports state that Mick Foley is not happy with Daniel Bryan and this is because SmackDown’s General manager Daniel Bryan called independent wrestler James Ellsworth this past Tuesday on SmackDown Live! to take part in the main event of the show.

Mick Foley was wrath and very mad at Bryan over what he did. Due to the severe anger in his heart, Foley made a facebook post where he accused Daniel Bryan of ‘raiding’ Raw for superstars like James.

Furthermore, there is always a way out of any situation and the misunderstanding between these managers is not exempted. As shown in Mick Foleys post, the remedy for what has happened is that Mick Foley is inviting Daniel Bryan and SmackDown commentator Mauro Ranallo to call out some Cruiserweight matches on Raw next week as seen in the post above.

Observably, Daniel Bryan and Mauro Ranallo are both stars when it comes to mic work of calling out talents as both of them were part of the commentary team of the recently finished cruiserweight Classic tournament on WWE Network. So, their appearance at RAW will increase the rating which decreased at its last episode.