WWE NEWS: Nikki Bella Removed From SmackDown Team – See Huge Reasons…

‘Fearless’ as Nikki Bella is called was drafted into the WWE SmackDown live brand when she returned from an injury which she had to underwent surgery for.

During the preparation of the WWE Survivor Series event, it was revealed that Nikki Bella would be among the team members of SmackDown that would be facing the RAW team but unfortunately, the Diva was removed from the schedule. Fans has been trying to figure out the reason for her being removed before the event and many had thought that it would be as a result of injury or other life issues.

Report has it that Nikki Bella wasn’t taken out of the match due to an injury or due to other real-life issues, but that it was a part of the storyline. In addition to this report, it was stated that Nikki Bella had been on the receiving end of an injury that had rendered her unable to compete at Survivor Series, and that this was WWE’s way of writing her off for the night. Now we know, however, that those speculations weren’t true at all.

More so, Wrestling Observer Newsletter has it that, Nikki being pulled out of the match was a part of her extended story-line, with the angle having being planned weeks in advance. It has also been revealed that the WWE are trying to direct the blame for Nikki being taken out on two possible suspects, namely Carmella and/or Natalya.

The ‘Fearless’ Nikki was seen on this week’s edition of Smackdown Live, directing the blame for the attack towards Carmella.