WWE NEWS: OMG! Randy Orton Sends Sister Abigail To Hell After Attacking Bray Wyatt

It looked friendly and awesome seeing Randy Orton kneel before Bray Wyatt at SmackDown live some time ago not knowing that there was a face behind the Viper’s real face said to be treacherous.

The leader of the Wyatt Family could not believe his eyes when he saw The Sister Abigail’s resting place goes up in flames, what a betrayal by Orton! Orton stood in the Wyatt farm and announced that while this was Wyatt’s world, it wasn’t his. The Viper, dressed in all black, and then revealed that he was standing above the grave of Sister Abigail. Orton said that while he was once the servant, he would soon become the master.

Orton then began pouring gasoline over the entire Wyatt compound as well as what was believed to be Abigail’s “resting site.” Orton said he was coming for Wyatt’s Championship at Wrestlemania but first he was going to make Wyatt hear Sister Abigail scream one more time; just as she had before she took her last breath.

Wyatt knelt down in the middle of the ring begging Orton not to do it, but Orton coldly lit the match and proclaimed he would burn the soul of Sister Abigail to eternal damnation. The Wyatt compound went up in flames while Bray screamed inside the ring.