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It seems that the relationship which gained existence some months ago has finally crashed and completing sank into the ocean of despair. The story of Paige and his boyfriend Alberto Del Rio has come to an end finally.

In October last year, Alberto Del Rio returned to WWE and won the United States championship title from John Cena. His return and win gave him rise in the eyes of Vince McMahon and the whole of the WWE officials felt that it would be a wise thing to do business with Del Rio.

Several promises were made to Alberto Del Rio which included the promise of giving him a main event push. But as time went on, Alberto Del Rio observed that WWE is not keeping to their promise so he became disappointed with the whole mess which WWE is planning to put him. Before then anyway, Del Rio returned to WWE and fell in love with Paige and their relationship story went on to every medium of communication as the both posted romantic photos across all social media networks.

It appeared that not every one in the WWE Universe appreciated the fact that Del Rio was dating Paige and as a matter of fact, that was the chief reason why he was not pushed as a main event superstar in the Company because Triple H never supported his relationship with Paige. Triple H felt that Del Rio’s relationship with Paige may end up destroying the bright future of Paige.

Nonetheless, Paige seemed to be very in love with his man and can go any where with him. The were both suspended for violating the company’s wellness policy and as it is now, Del Rio is no longer WWE superstar, he has been released. Presently, it has been rumored that Paige has abandoned Del Rio to face his career as a WWE Diva. The rumor has not been confirmed anyway but we promise to update you with the latest reports once the confirmation arrives, so, stay with always.