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The 23 year old two time champion Paige was recently suspended alongside his boyfriend, Alberto Del Rio for violating the company’s wellness policy which is meant to last for 30 days.

It has often times been revealed the Albert Del Rio will not be returning to WWE again after this suspension and he has made his plans known to the WWE through his lawyer. It is obvious that Paige whose contract with the WWE is still very long may be leaving the company as well once her boyfriend leaves.

The WWE has done all between their powers to see that Paige and Alberto Del Rio part ways with each other but to no avail. The recent report stated that WWE has threatened to fire Paige if she would not break up with Del Rio. This love of theirs has become so strong that nothing on earth can destroy. It is revealed that Paige and Del Rio was drafted into different brand during the brand extension just to separate them.

Report just reaching us states that, Paige has reportedly hired a legal attorney to represent her in the ongoing tussle regarding her future with the WWE even though there have not been reports from WWE whether or not Paige will still go away from the company. On the contrary, Del Rio has made up his mind to leave the WWE.

Well, we just hope that WWE and the Diva Paige reach a settlement. Report states that Alberto Del Rio has been doing talking to several officials in the WWE regarding to his contract with the WWE and that he recently called WWE’s Senior Director of Talent Relations, Mark Carrano, regarding the matter, and all he got was undefined silence. Paige may not be leaving with anyway. Let’s watch and see what happens.