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The WWE is said to suffer a kind of mishap lately and a serious injury over the departures of several huge superstars from the company. The WWE Diva Paige is pictured to have a wavering career with the Company; this is to say, that any moment from now, she may be biding goodbye to the company which is indeed will be sad news to the WWE Universe.

It is like the WWE will seriously suffer some kind of lost due to the departure of the Mexican Superstar, Alberto Del Rio. The point is not in Alberto leaving the company but the fact that Paige may also want to leave the company ones her contract expires. The point is that Paige and Alberto Del Rio are in a really serious relationship which will cause Paige to quit her career when Del Rio quits. This will be a huge loss in the part of the WWE if Paige departs from the Women’s Division.

It has been noised all over the Universe that the two superstars are bound to separate due to the brand split; Paige was drafted into RAW while Del Rio into SmackDown as if it was planned to separate the two superstars lovers from each other.

Because of the position WWE has taken giving Dolph Ziggler a title shot at SummerSlam and the fact there are others who have jumped ahead of him on the company ladder, does he even have a chance at title shot for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship? Also, with the news that the company will have more cross-brand feuds after SummerSlam, will there be an angle that eventually gets him back to Raw or an angle that sends Paige to Smackdown Live?

Furthermore, Paige being a top star in the WWE Women’s division, the former WWE World championship title holder and fans favorite will make her departure a huge regret for the WWE.