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If you are a true fan of the WWE, you would know what the happenings among top superstars in the company are. Most of the cruel things which happen in the WWE are the breakups of relationships among superstars and this has really been a talk among WWE Universe. The rate of which superstars falls in love has become so rampart and vastly spreading to almost every individual of the WWE.

One of the most painful relationship breakups of all times was that of Paige and Kevin Skaff. Long time ago, it was revealed that these two did part ways with each other. Report stated that they were engaged but later unengaged and as if that was not enough, the relationship ended totally. Paige gave her reasons as not being good in long term relationships so they had to part ways with each other. She said:

“I was just like, ‘Yeah, I don’t know, I just didn’t feel like I wanted a relationship right now,'” Paige tells her friend Danielle in the latest ‘Total Divas’ clip. “But I told him right from the start, I’m not very good at relationships. It’s not as if I’ll cheat on you, but I get freaked out quick and I wanna leave.”

More so, the WWE Diva spoke in Total Divas saying: “I’m really sad it didn’t work out with Kevin and I because I really did want it to work,” Paige says in the clip. “I really loved Kevin; I loved spending time with him. Even though I felt terrible and guilty, it’s just … it’s for the best.”

Finally, Paige revealed that she was not openly hearted to tell her mum about his relationship with Kevin. Well, Kevin is out of Paige’s life and now she is in love with Alberto Del Rio, a WWE superstar who returned to the WWE last year. It is revealed that these two are really in love with each other.