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Alberto Del Rio was once legally married to Angela Velkei, there were blessed with kids. This couple has lived happily until Angela Velkei filed divorce against Del Rio for cheating on her. To make things worse, Del Rio has also been accused of adultery which he has completely denied. Angela’s lawyers requested a restraining order to limit the contact between them.

It is revealed that Alberto Del Rio’s relationship with Paige went out so strong on social media on June 13th which is about 2 weeks before the date Angela filed for divorce. The couple was married in Mexico and the divorce was filed there as well. It was indeed a sweet engagement terminated.

Lately, the romantic news that has been going wide is the proposal of Paige to Alberto Del Rio which seem to be a good moment in the ring. The whole wrestling world was taken aback when Paige proposed to Alberto Del Rio right in the middle of a wrestling ring. It was so surprising but romantic. Even though this sounded so nice and cool, some parties are not happy with the engagement.

More so, Angela’s lawyer, Raymond Rafool stated that Del Rio is still legally married to Angela Velkei. According to Raymond, Del Rio’s divorce with Angela is beyond settlement and he further gave Paige some piece of advice that will help her future as a young lady. “Paige should watch carefully how Alberto is denying and treating his current wife and the mother of his children in this divorce. History repeats itself.” Raymond said.