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By next week, we would be counting 60 days that the former WWE Divas champion Paige left WWE due to the fact that she was suspended for violating the company’s wellness policy for the second time.

Paige violated the wellness policy for the first time with her boyfriend Alberto Del Rio and the both of them were suspended for 30 days being the punishment for first time violation. When Paige returned from the first suspension, her boyfriend didn’t return with her as he sought to be released by the WWE.

Report has it that Paige will be free from the 60 days suspension on December 9. It’s unknown if Paige will return to the road, as she’s currently injured. She may not be back in the ring until 2017.

The return of Paige may be shifted until 2017 due to her health that maybe by then, the Diva might have fully recovered from the ailment that has befell her. Anyway, the WWE didn’t cancel the return of the Diva; she would only have to be fit by next year.