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The forth coming WWE Survivor Series Pay-Per-View has been the talk among the WWE Universe and with the look of things, the event is going to be a hit one as it will be featuring talents from both RAW and SmackDown Live.

There have been great preparations by both brands to ensure that their brand did not mess up and as it is, the SmackDown live has just released a huge challenge to RAW for the event and this has also arouse tension among the RAW brand members. According to WWE Shane McMahon who is Smackdown’s commissioner and his general manager Daniel Bryan have proposed 3 traditional matches between both brands for the event.

It is revealed that the 3 matches will contain a 5-on-5 traditional match which has to do with male superstars and also a 5 on 5 traditional matches which has to do with female superstars and then the third is a 10-on-10 traditional match featuring tag teams. This idea was born after Stephanie McMahon said that Hell in a Cell which is the next PPV for the RAW brand will beat NO Mercy of the Smackdown live. Well, we have not received new as to whether or not the RAW talents will accept the Smackdown’s challenge.

But all the way, it would be very interesting to see this three challenges by Shane McMahon and Daniel Bryan comes to pass. The event will be a very great one if it happens as planned by both brands. With the latest report, the Brock Lesnar vs. Bill Goldberg won’t hold and it seems that another superstar will be challenging Lesnar on that day.