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Just few days after Dean Ambrose became the WWE Heavyweight Champion, there arouse news which looked to be indeed true and it has been the talk of town since all this while.

The news was that the PWInsider Elite gave a report that WWE Diva, Natalya might quit wrestling for the WWE once her contract expires stating that this is because her husband Tyson Kidd is facing a career threatening injury of the neck.

Recently, Natalya posted on twitter telling it to everyone that she is not planning to leave the WWE Company stating that the news is a false rumor. See her post below:

Natalya’s husband seems to be in severe pains because of the neck injury. According to report, this injury occurred during his live event match against Samoa Joe last year. It is revealed that only few numbers of persons survive such fatal injuries. The substantiate all claims the screws and staple in Kidd’s neck was posted in twitter as seen below.

No doubt, Natalya is indeed a champion and in a recent match, we saw how teamed with Becky Lynch to face Charlotte and Dana Brooke. The match was deadly serious!