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What can be more hurtful than a lie told in someone’s face? It really hurts to see the once you love and talks about bring you to naught by their words or deeds.

It was recently reported that Hulk Hogan appeared at Eric Bischoff’s podcast Bischoff On Wrestling, where he refused his daughter Brooke Hogan’s comments about him working a deal with WWE for Wrestlemania.

More so, according to PWInsider, despite publicly denying he is working with WWE in any form, he was in New York City two weeks ago and according to speculation, he was there filming content for the WWE Network. What adds to the rumors are the voice-overs on the WWE Network and the fact that he has prominently featured as of late. All Wrestling News is reporting that, this is no coincidence. Even Dave Meltzer on the Wrestling Observer Radio stated that it is not a matter of if, but when WWE bring Hogan back.

Furthermore, Dave Meltzer said that the biggest barrier WWE have in bringing back the Immortal legend is that they have to consult with their sponsors and get a green signal. The reason for this being the racist rant that got Hogan fired from the company.

The sponsors will be concerned about the fan backlash that Hogan’s controversial return could draw. Meltzer said that it is not clear at this point whether WWE consulted their sponsors regarding a Hogan comeback.

Naturally, the biggest and most buzzworthy place for his return would be at Wrestlemania 33 next year in Orlando. Another option is to have him host the show like he did at Wrestlemania XXX. Regardless, all the speculations indicate that Hulk Hogan isn’t entirely honest about his WWE status. Not that it is his fault. All parties would rather bring him back in a surprise appearance. Would you like to see The Hulkster return in grand magnitude like this?