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There are things that are better left untold in some senses, areas or even occasions. Before the Hell in a Cell went on air, lots of things transpired which were very serious.

Report has it that Former WWE star The Brooklyn Brawler noted on Twitter last night that he was in a bad car accident before Hell In a Cell. He was indeed very lucky to have survived the accident which would have stolen his life.

Before now, lots of top WWE superstars had passed away via accidents resulting from maybe car or other motor engines.

We would not have imagined how the WWE Hell in a Cell would have gone with the news of a top superstar dead. It would have been very painful for the WWE Company having an event in tears. But all glory to God who made things worked out successfully.

Indeed, we are very happy for Brooklyn Brawler and we are saying congratulations to him and also thanking God for his life.