WWE NEWS: Possible Plans For The US Championship Title Revealed — Will The Title Leaves Its Present State? – See Details…

In the WWE, one of the greatest Championship title, The US championship title which has been held by John Cena is currently in the hands of one WWE champion who stands out to be unstoppable and unbeatable.

Rusev has been with the title ever since he won it from the former champion Kalisto at Extreme Rules pay-per-view. There have been lots of match against the former champion and the present champion to see if Kalisto can regain the title back from Rusev but unfortunately, all efforts put together by Kalisto turned to be in vain, his plans and strategies were to no avail.

What then shall we say; will the title remain with Rusev forever? Possibly no! at this expense the WWE did arranged a feud of Rusev and another US champion Titus O’ Neil to see if and ensure that Rusev gave up the title but even at this, Rusev still maintains his championship title and the United States champion. It is revealed that the match of Rusev against Kalisto has long been on ground and according to reports, the WWE plan introducing another contender.

More so, the report states that according to the plans of WWE, Zack Ryder will have to be the #1 contender against Rusev for the US championship title. Allwrestlingnews.com reports that Ryder’s recent victories on RAW and SmackDown actually hints towards his upcoming Championship feud. After defeating Sheamus at SmackDown, he even asked for an opportunity to fight for the United States Championship, thereby confirming the viral rumors.

Furthermore, the match has been scheduled to come up at the WWE Battleground pay-per-view and it is really going to be a hit match as Ryder has won the title before but didn’t last long as the champion but during the first reign of Rusev, he dominated the whole year until John Cena collected the title from him at the WrestleMania 31.