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As reported earlier, The Viper Randy Orton has not been around the ring ever since Summerslam event against Brock Lesnar where he had a very terrible cut from Lesnar elbow which required 10 staples.

Randy Orton was rumored to be replaced with Kane in his match at Backlash against Bray Wyatt. It was announced that Randy would not feature at Backlash and most people thought that it was because of his head injury even though the reason for this was not disclosed.

WWE did not issue any statement on Orton’s condition but it was believed that it was a concussion-related issue stemming from the deep gash on his head that he had sustained during SummerSlam.

According to Pro Wrestling Sheet, Randy Orton was barred from competing in Backlash because he suffered a concussion during his SummerSlam bout with Brock Lesnar. When the initial tests were taken, Randy was good to go but apparently, he did not pass the impact test due to which he was not cleared to compete in the blue brand’s first exclusive pay per view.

More so, Bray Wyatt and Randy Orton did a backstage fight where Wyatt attacked Randy Orton’s leg and the next thing we saw was that Randy Orton was already on the ground which is to say that he not fit to compete in the ring and that he just have to recover first. After the attack, Bray Wyatt came out prepared for his match against Orton but it was announced that Randy Orton would not be able to compete “due to injury.” Wyatt then demanded the referee to count to 10 so he could get a forfeit win. After the count, Wyatt was declared as the winner via forfeit.