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The last time on the WWE Talking Smack, John Cena made an appearance and responded to claims made by Dean Ambrose on the recent episode and tapping of WWE Smackdown Live.

John Cena had to drop some words narrating how he feels about some certain things going on in the WWE and among the superstars. He said:

“Every single time I get put on the field everyone knows they’re gonna get something special. That could be against [Daniel Bryan], that could be against Dean, and certainly it’s gonna be at No Mercy when I try to make history. We are on the cusp of something great, at the very least, it’s going to give people something to talk about. For years I have sat idle, while people attempt to tell me how things are. I don’t need to yell…every once in awhile I just have to explain how it really is. Yes, after I get done Talking Smack I’m taking the jet to New York because logistically I don’t have the time to turn around. Because I need to go back to work.”

More so, John Cena talked about the reason why he do not like to dress backstage with other wrestlers as he further explains his relationship with the Lunatic Fringe Dean Ambrose. It was a cool revelation by John Cena anyway because it was the whole truth in him he just poured out. He said:

“You are the sum of the five people you surround yourself with and I surround myself with people that just go. The Vince McMahons of the world, people who are the first to show up and the last to leave. No, I don’t stand and dress where Dean Ambrose dresses, but this is where someone has twisted reality. Dean Ambrose said, ‘John Cena and Dean Ambrose don’t like each other.’ No. Dean Ambrose doesn’t like John Cena. John Cena doesn’t care about Dean Ambrose. And if Dean Ambrose wants me to care about him at No Mercy, he’ll either need to step up or step aside.”