WWE NEWS: Reasons Why John Cena Should Marry Nikki Bella Revealed — See Details…

John Cena and Nikki Bella have been rocking the internet with romantic photos and videos insinuating that their love knows no boundaries.

Oh yes, their love knows no boundaries especially as Nikki Bella came out recently to state that Cena is her life and her breath and without him, her life is meaningless. But what keeps beating our imagination is the possible reason why the couple is yet to tie the knot. Fans are asking just the same question, “What’s keeping John Cena from proposing marriage to Nikki after all, they’ve been together long enough?” They love each other or so they claimed and they are both not having age by their sides.

Below are some reasons why John Cena should quickly propose to Nikki Bella before it becomes too late.

1) Breaking Kayface
The WWE has avoided bringing Cena, the top babyface in the men’s division, and Bella, the highest-ranked villain in the Divas division, together on television. Despite “Total Divas” delving into their relationship outside of the ring, the WWE’s main storylines have steered clear of placing the two together. If the couple plans on getting married, this could change things as the WWE may also stage a wedding in the squared circle, which it has been known to do throughout the years to disastrous results.

2) The Time Is Now
Cena will turn 39 next spring, while Bella just turned 32 in November. The two-time Divas Champion has said in the past that she feels as though life is passing her by as she hopes to get married and have children. With neither one of them getting any younger, they should face reality and get hitched. With Bella seeing her sister Brie marry WWE Superstar Daniel Bryan in 2014, she probably wants to get married now more than ever.

3) She’s Gorgeous
Bella is an absolute bombshell, so Cena would be a fool to not want to share all of eternity with her. Take a look at these pictures below and try to resist the urge of going out and buying a wedding ring.