WWE NEWS: Reasons Why John Cena Should Urgently Turn Heel Revealed – See Details…

It is never been discussed in this wise before, or, is it that something’s has finally changed in WWE programming? This era has become very favorable than before.

Lately, it was reported that the WWE officials have been discussing the possibility of turning John Cena heel more seriously than they have in the past. This is so urgent and it may be for some huge reasons as usual.

According to the report, John Cena’s role within the WWE is not as strong as it is once was when he was a full time wrestler. Agreeably, John Cena would be more utilized by helping the upcoming wrestlers who could be babyfaces get over so very quickly if he is eventually turn hell.

More so, the WWE could be very much interested in turning John Cena heel for a potential boost in ratings and viewership. WWE feels that the audience may tune in more because a Cena heel turn is something that has yet to be done. The idea is that Cena will return from his hiatus and later enter into a feud with The Undertaker to culminate at Wrestlemania 33. That could be a perfect scenario for a Cena heel turn.

As it is, WWE never do a thing without purposes of getting a huge benefit in the long run and in the nearest future. John Cena has got a chance and the favor of WWE officials.