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It has always been said that two captain can not take off a ship. Vince McMahon is the boss of the WWE Company while his in-law, Triple H is his debuty. It is revealed that this two make matters in the WWE.

Some time ago, it was reported that Triple H has disagreed with Vince McMahon over a debut of Bulletproof and Balor Club on Monday Night Raw in Chicago and this seemed to have caused some sorts of hatred.

Who will give in first?

The CEO wanted a debut of Bulletproof and Balor Club on Monday Night Raw in Chicago. He thinks the debut will bring a change that will up profit for the WWE. “Freshen things up, pop the ratings, create a buzz and make money from merchandise.”

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His son-in-law, Triple H, seems to disagree with this stand. He says Finn Balor should hand over the title first. This Triple H says to put a check on the current NXT World Champion thereby curbing any truancy that may crop up later.

Vince McMahon had praised Triple H to the Orlando Sentinel’s Brian Fritz, saying “What Paul has done, he’s done an extraordinary job and because of the welcome here in Florida, because of the Performance Center, its world-class qualities, we are able to attract so many more athletes now.”

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A few days after however, McMahon was reported to have been unimpressed by NXT output. The question now is where does the boss place Triple H?