WWE NEWS: The Worst Divorce Of WWE Superstars – See Painful Love Story Indeed…

Love in the beginning of any relationship does not really prevent a heart break along the line or even a painful ending in the future. Love is said to be first time feelings according to some persons, but closely looking at this, it seems real and lots of people have finally joined in believing the same thing about this philosophy.

Years back, a gentleman of a press compared love to be like a fresh cooked broth by a nice cook, he went further to say that the first taste of the broth does not determine what the broth will be in days to come because souring is inevitable, and when the broth sours, the first taste is quickly forgotten. Wow, how true this is! In the WWE there are superstars who have fallen in love with each other and have been through hell together but today they are apart.

Yes, you can bear with me that some things that happen in the wrestling world are just quite unbelievable. The rate of which superstars fall in love with each other, and again; the rate of which relationships crashes has become so many to talk about. The few love relationships which always come to mind are that of Kevin Sullivan and Nancy Benoit, Debra McMichael and Steve Austin and the most famous John Cena and Micki James.

In these, we can vividly say that no man is a professional lover. No man would have conceived that these relationships would have come to an end ever in their life time. It is revealed that these superstars started their relationships with great love and feelings and have even been through lots of things together, they have traveled through rocky roads, walked through the valley and shadows of death but still were together until, finally a siege came in which forced their relation to end.