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WWE has had a spring cleaning exercise which did affect some key players and officials in the company. The spring cleaning seem to have come and gone but some superstars are not save as the WWE still have them in mind to be released from the company.

Before now, it has been reported that some huge and big names of superstars will be released from the company before the WWE SummerSlam. Names such as Tyson Kidd, Tamina, Ryback and even Alberto Del Rio were in the list. The report states that the reason why the WWE would want to release Alberto Del Rio is because he is not function in the company as he should and he is still been paid huge amount of money for his role in the WWE Company.

Lately, we were made to understand that the release may not come from the WWE but Alberto Del Rio will have to request for his release seeing that ever since he returned to the company he has not been given a very vital role and for this reason he may not be renewing his contract with the company ones it expires on October this year. and states that, the 39-year-old’s second run with the company might finish with his current commitment.

This news was so unusual and sudden to us as we have often times heard Alberto Del Rio say that he will not be leaving the company except he laid hold on the WWE championship title and the Intercontinental Championship again. Del Rio ones said that he will not leave the WWE until five or four year’s time. What a contradiction! It is revealed that that Alberto Del Rio just returned to the company after leaving the company since 2014.

Well, the reason why Alberto Del Rio left the WWE at first was because of the slander he had with a man in the company who made a racist slur against him ended with the four-time Champion, Del Rio slapping the man after the latter refused to apologize.