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Ric Flair has finally opened up on the main reason why he deliberately refused to do away with the NWA World Heavyweight Championship for Lex Luger. He made this revelation during a live discussion with WOOOOO! Nation podcast interview show where WWE Superstar, Sting, and himself were interviewed lately.

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Flair and his friend Sting were being interviewed at the latest episode of the WOOOOO! Nation podcast interview show and in the course of the show, Flair noted that the main reason why he refused to put over the NWA World Heavyweight Championship title to Lex Luger was because it was not part of the original plan. According to him, Sting was supposed to get the title and not his former Four Horsemen stablemate.

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He further noted that he nothing against Lex Luger as a person, it was just that he had promised Sting the title which was not in line with what promoter Jim Herd came up with.

Among everything else we want you to remember about the career of Ric Flair, the real life legendary backstage feud between Ric Flair and Jim Herd is one of those.
History has documented the many issues that came up between Ric Flair and Jim Herd in real life, the ugly faces they took and the genuine hatred that still lingers on between the two till date.

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One of their biggest arguments that existed between the two is the feud over the WCW World Heavyweight Championship. Flair believed Sting was the one who was in the best place to carry the promotion hence he made a promise to Sting while Herd thought otherwise. He wanted Lex Luger and that was it.

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Before Ric Flair concluded the interview with the WHOOOOO! Nation podcast interview show, he noted that Lex Luger never got to the same plane as Sting because he was pushed way too early by the promoters. He maintained that Luger never needed that early push considering the fact that the stable at the time was designed for top level performers and Luger needed rather more time to develop and master a few more skills that would have helped him climb the rope with more firmness and grit. However, he noted that he had nothing personal against Luger and that he did what he did because he had to do what he had to do.

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