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Well, well, well, Roman Reigns is undoubtedly a superstar; one of the toughest of all times. Not quite long, there sprang up a report that the former WWE World Heavyweight Champion was suspended for 30 days due to violating the WWE wellness policy.

Just yesterday, we reported that Vince McMahon has planned to take Roman Reigns to the redemption angle when he returns from suspension to work his way back to the top. Could this be a punishment? Reigns suffered humiliation during his suspension when the director for Talent relation, Mark Carrano asked Reigns to apologize to the locker room.

According to report, Mark Carrano received the orders from Triple H and maybe it is because they are not in good terms or something. Recently, report reaching us states that the drugs which made Reigns violated the wellness policy has been revealed. reported that the tests indicated amphetamines in his system.

More so, the report also stated that Reigns had ingested marijuana. Reigns has been subjected to great heat since his suspension and seems as if he has fallen in favor and out of sight of his fans but it is interesting to know that, it was only a mistake and that’s all. Even, Reigns played a very matured role by admitting to his fault and then apologizing.

Discussing further, we hope to see Reigns soon may in the triple threat match between himself against Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins.