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The United States champion Roman Reigns has successful made it in WWE. He was once suspended for 30 days for violating the company’s wellness policy and now he is back and better.

Roman Reigns returned after the WWE brand extension and was fixed into the WWE Monday night RAW brand where he had competed for the the WWE Universal championship title in a fatal four way match against Big Cass, Kevin Owens and Seth Rollins. unfortunately, Reigns did not get it.

Just in a short while, the Roman Reigns VS Rusev was flagged off for the United States championship title which Reigns won after some times of struggles and defeats by Rusev.

Lately, rumor has been on air that Roman Reigns has made up his mind to leave WWE Monday RAW and possibly join the SmackDown Live roster. It is believed by all in the WWE Universe that SmackDown is doing pretty well than RAW. But, could this be the reason why Roman Reigns is joining Smackdown?

Well, it has not been official stated and the true reason for this has never been mentioned. In fact, ever since this rumor began, we have never heard from The United States champion whether or not this rumor is true.

Anyway, we still hope to hear from Roman Reigns whether the news that has been doing great in social media is true and if true we shall also get the reason from him. But until then, just remain with us on line as we bring you interesting WWE Updates.