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With the look of things, we can say that the WWE”s original plans for SummerSlam has been altered and tempered with. Things have really changed due to Roman Reigns suspension for violating the wellness policy.

According to report by the, the plans of Raw’s main event for SummerSlam were altered and the original plans were different than what WWE has announced currently.

As seen on this week’s episode of Monday Night Raw, a debuting Finn Balor defeated the former WWE champion Roman Reigns following his victory in the fatal four-way match earlier in the night, to earn the right to fight Seth Rollins at SummerSlam for the WWE Universal Championship. And it is revealed as we earlier reported that Finn Balor talked about his match against Seth Rollins as being the match that he has longed for.

More so, it is revealed that the original plans were for Reigns to go over and face Rollins at SummerSlam. But these plans were allegedly changed following Reign’s wellness policy suspension. During the Roman Reigns 30 days suspension, we saw that Vince McMahon stated that when Roman Reigns returns he will have to start again from the threshold and work his way to the point where he was.

Well, it hasn’t been revealed in anyways if the former WWE NXT Finn Balor would still have been the one to face Reigns on Raw had events not turned out the way they did, as the WWE is reportedly also high on the Demon.

It’s notable here that WWE officials are very unhappy with Roman Reigns for his wellness policy violation and they are in a mood of punishing him. This is said to be the reason behind the fact that he was the one who took the pin during the Shield triple threat match at Battleground and then lost to Finn Balor clean the following night on Raw as well.