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Few days ago, the United States champion was reportedly pulled from the WWE European Tour and from all other shows.

This act has got some fans thinking and asking what the matter could be. It was earlier stated that Roman Reigns would have defended his US championship title against Rusev at a live event but he was not seen.

While still trying to figure out what the cause of him been pulled was, one of the most reputed journalist Dave Meltzer of reported that Roman Reigns has been pulled from the tour due to family commitments. This report happens to be true as so many other sources are reporting the same thing.

Some of the fans in the WWE Universe has been wondering what his family commitment would be like that WWE had to pull him from the Tour and from all other upcoming shows. Give or take, it is certain that Reigns is a responsible man and has his wife, daughter and other family members on his neck.

Roman Reigns is still reporting the same thing as Dave reported but is not precise as to what the commitment is like. We strongly hope that he comes out of it and start doing his thing as usual. What do you think?