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Rusev is gradually making name for himself ever since his debut into the WWE main roster and he has been a brute just as he is called.

The only weak moment of his these days has been his loss to Roman Reigns in several occasions. Reigns has refused to allow Rusev get the WWE United States championship title from and this has been a thorn in Rusev’s flesh.

Some days ago, it reported that Santino Marella has technically been retired since 2014. In an interview with Main Event Radio, Santino revealed that it was The Bulgarian Brute who ended his career.“Rusev was my final opponent/match, his camel clutch was the straw that broke this camel’s back. It aggravated my neck where I couldn’t move at all. [It] was the end of the line; [I] couldn’t do it anymore.”

The Milan Miracle debuted on April 27th, 2007 on an episode of Raw that took place in Milan, Italy. He was “picked” from the crowd by Vince McMahon to face Umaga for the Intercontinental Championship.

Thanks to an assist from McMahon and Umaga’s rival at the time, Bobby Lashley, Marella won the Intercontinental Championship on his debut night. Marella was with the company for nine years before being released this year back in May, along with several other stars such as Damien Sandow, Zeb Colter, Cameron, El Torito, Hornswoggle, etc.It should be noted that all the above-stated names were inactive at the time for various reasons.