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For so long, Roman Reigns VS Rusev match has been wavering. The United states championship title has been with Rusev for time just because there have not been any serious fight against Roman Reigns.

The last episode of the WWE Monday night RAW saw the duo in a very serious match which ended with Roman Reigns being crowned as the new United States champion. Fans seem to be happy with the recent happenings on the RAW show because they felt that Rusev was being braggadocios about his position as US champion.

After RAW went off air, Rusev was seen displaying backstage scattering chairs and regretting his failure to retain the championship title against Roman Reigns. Well, as it has always been in the WWE, there would be a continuous feud between the former and the present United States champion and this may linger to a specific period of time as the case may be with the WWE officials and creative.

Roman Reigns has finally proven to Rusev that he is not the best in the ring and that he should stop lifting up his shoulders and making unnecessary boasts as if he were the only one who had won a title in the WWE. The continuous match between these men will prove who the real champion and tough superstar is in the company.