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Just like every other well known superstars, Sasha Banks is one who has won the heart of fans and officials. In case you do not know, she is one of the pioneers of Divas Revolution in WWE.

On the other hand, the late Chyna was a legend of her kind who was so admirable while she was alive. Chyna was the WWE women champion and a role model to other Diva wrestlers. Chyna’s death spread in virtually every city in the whole world. Her death was so painful.

After her death we saw or read other superstars commenting to her death and to what she did while she was alive. Chyna was indeed a legend, and Sasha Banks observing it, has this brief words for her:

“It’s huge, she really changed the game for women and how we’re looked at differently. Never did you see a woman like that in WWE until she stepped in there. She was something special, so that news was so sad to hear. She was special.”