WWE NEWS: Sasha Banks Out Of RAW – See What Banks Said As She Joins SmackDown Live…

Surely, there is going to be emptiness in the women division of the WWE Monday night RAW if the foretold finally comes to pass with the former WWE Diva Champion Sasha Banks.

With the whole happening in the WWE world, one can simply say that anything is bound to happen as it has always been the tradition of the company for years now and it will be hard to bring it to a halt.

Some days ago on twitter, a fan told Sasha Banks that her women’s title will come home soon, which prompted the response that she hopes its blue. Sasha couldn’t hold herself but to just release what she deemed fit as the real answer to that.

Report has it that Sasha Banks was so upset with the ongoing and with the tweets which hinted at a possible roster change down the line and also hinted at Bank’s frustration with being moved out of woman’s title picture n Raw.

Sasha Banks took a shot at the creative officials saying that she is upset with the creative powers that be on Monday Night Raw and thinks she would have a better opportunity if she split for the blue brand. Would Banks leave the WWE Monday night RAW roster; the women division will suffer loss. What do you think?