WWE NEWS: See What Dixie Carter Said About WWE – This Is Alarming…

It we were to rate wrestling entertainment companies, we would say that TNA has finally met their Waterloo as an organization.

It seems that the financial condition of the TNA Company continues to grow worse and worse by the day and nothing seems to be done to rectify the whole issue and bring back the company to life. The only solution as revealed is just to sell the whole of the company and as it is, there have been interested buyers who would want to pay for the entire industry and claim its ownership.

The fact that TNA is still unsold is because Dixie Carter has refused to make up her mind to let go off the company. It was lately revealed that WWE is interested in the purchase of the company but Dixie would allow that as she has earlier said that she won’t allow their rival promotion to buy TNA. Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer Radio resolved that WWE are interested in buying TNA, but only to add their video library to WWE Network and didn’t intend to continue running the operations of the company.

More so, according to PWInsider.com, Dixie Carter held a meeting with the TNA wrestlers before Monday’s tapings of Impact Wresting where she revealed WWE’s interest in buying the company but insisted that she will never allow that to happen. For now, their video library is also safe. Because of this financial breakdown of the company, employees have been experiencing late payment of salaries. The company explained that the reason for late payment is just to secure the money first before handing out the payments.

It is revealed that this week’s tapings was sponsored by an unknown ‘third party’ while the previous week was funded by the new president of TNA, Billy Corgan using his own personal money. The company may continue to go this way or even worse if Dixie Carter did not make her mind to let go off the company.