WWE NEWS: See How Finn Balor Influenced Becky Lynch – Amazing Love Story Indeed!

Becky Lynch is no doubt a Diva wrestler whose in-ring ability and mic work is really very impressing both to the WWE fans and event officials. Becky has won the heart of so many folks thus, leaving her with a huge number of fans who cheer her up while in the ring doing what she knows how to do best.

Becky Lynch sees herself as fulfilling her calling each time she is in the ring performing because it a dream comes true for her and a destiny she had ever longed for. She has had the opportunity of facing lots of other Divas to a victory match but some other times in a losing effort of which is normal. Now, Becky Lynch is being praised for her success in the in-ring and as it has always been, there is a brain behind her success.

It is just barely some days to the second biggest PPV of the year, SummerSlam and according to what have been happening in the WWE Universe lately among the WWE superstars, we do not need a soothsayer to tell us what to expect in the big event of SummerSlam. The event will be held live this Sunday from Brooklyn, New York. Becky Lynch recently appeared and spoke with SI.com while promoting the event.

Becky was asked about the influence of Finn Balor on her wrestling career and Lynch stated:

“I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for Finn. I wouldn’t be here if he didn’t open that little wrestling school in this little school hall at St. Andrew’s down in Bray County Wicklow [Ireland]—which was an hour train ride for me, and then a half hour walk to the school.

I remember walking into the school, and I’d just come off watching Tough Enough, so I expected to see this warehouse with a big name outside of it. When I walked in, and there was lovely Finn, with his big smile, ‘How are you lads?’ he asked me and my brother.

There were blue padded mats on the floor, a bunch of young teenage rocker kids with hair they were attempting to grow out, and I thought to myself, ‘So this is pro wrestling.’ We learned on these little mats for the first few months until we got a ring.”