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The news about former WWE divas champion Paige proposing to her beloved boyfriend Alberto del Rio has gone rampant on social media lately.

The act really proved that Paige has such very strong feelings for her man Del Rio who is currently known as El Patron. Del Rio had to change her name after been released as he requested from WWE. His relationship with Paige is one of the reasons while Del Rio could not get a main event push and for this reason, he had to request to be released.

Fortunately, Del Rio’s request was granted and he is now a free agent and an independent wrestler still putting his best at what he does. Del Rio fell in love with Paige on his return to WWE last year on October and ever since then, their romantic postures has been seen in all social media networks and beyond.

Some months ago, Paige and El Patron formerly known as Del Rio suspended for violating the company’s wellness policy which lasted for 30. It is revealed that Del Rio did not returned alongside with his girlfriend, he sought to be a superstar elsewhere. Paige was recently suspended for violating the WWE wellness policy for the second time and this time she is to stay off WWE for 60 days. Just yester, Paige met Del Rio in the ring and proposed to him with great affection in her eyes and heart.

Alberto El Patron on his own did not refuse the proposal but accepted to spend his entire life with Paige the WWE Diva. After the proposal, Paige descended from the ring and was held out by fans. Reports states that, Paige was so excited backstage, it was like she won the whole world to herself after proposing to the man of her heart. We expect to see this duo becomes husband and wife someday.