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This week, after Raw went off the air, Kevin Owens ,AJ Styles and Seth Rollins took on the team of John Cena, Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns. On 2nd August when Smackdown live went off the air ,Roman Reign and John Cena teamed up to take on AJ Styles and Seth Rollins.

Roman Reign and John Cena defeated AJ Styles and Seth Rollins when Reigns hit the spear on Rollins.Despite the brand split, it is noteworthy that Superstars continue to wrestle for either brand. It looks now like the WWE is not averse to having performers interchange brands, at least for dark matches.

Below is an image of the dark match, as captured by a fan in attendance, after SmackDown went off air.

Another point to note is how Roman Reigns is pretty much being treated as a top tier talent in the dark events, something that hasn’t quite been the case on television. Reigns confronted Rusev on this week’s episode of Raw, giving rise to a notion that a mid card run is next for him.

But the fact that he is being used as a main feature in the dark match may mean that it is only a matter of time before the WWE pushes him again.