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The RAW show always held on Monday was in a tough one this week as the WWE tried to emerge both talents from the WWE Monday Night RAW brand and the SmackDown Live brand. This all is just for the viewing pleasures of fans who are watching so they will be cheered and return home feeling happy they came.

We have thought that the lunatic fringe was not man enough to prove himself as the WWE world champion but to our greatest surprise, Seth Rollins was put to shame before the very eyes of the WWE audience and this has also brought the RAW brand to shame. Who could have thought of this?

Regarding to the happenings in the event of last night, gave the following report: As usual, the audience in attendance were treated to a dark match that we, the viewers on television, weren’t.

And of the 4 Superstars involved, 3 were from the SmackDown! brand, lending credence to the notion that this was a one-off special treat for fans.

The WWE built up this episode of Monday Night Raw as the first of the ‘New Era’, and perhaps this was why John Cena, AJ Styles and WWE Champion, Dean Ambrose were involved in the dark match.

The fans were treated to a tag team match with John Cena teaming with Dean Ambrose, taking on the team of Seth Rollins and AJ Styles. reports that the match ended with a victory for the babyfaces, with Dean Ambrose pinning Seth Rollins clean.

It is surprising to note that the whos’ who of SmackDown Live was present, but perhaps this was more of an exception given the momentous occasion that was this episode of Monday Night Raw.
Do you think we could see Seth Rollins after SmackDown Live! tomorrow?