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It is obvious that one of the biggest return since is year could be the Bill Goldberg return to The WWE Monday night RAW.

The return of Bill Goldberg did caused several changes in the WWE as even the commissioner for the RAW brand has been overwhelmed lately by excitement because the ratings of the last episode of Monday night RAW increased.

Report states that, WE Raw ratings got a huge boost on Monday night, thanks to the return of Goldberg after over a decade out of action, Cageside Seats is reporting.

Total viewership for the three-hour block of WWE Raw averaged just over 3.13 million for each hour – up 13.5 percent from last week’s disappointing 2.758 million, according to Uproxx. Specifically, each hour breaks down like this:

Hour One: 3.17 million
Hour Two: 3.11 million
Hour Three: 3.12 million

The major leap in ratings probably led to more than a few sighs of relief from WWE’s Stamford, Connecticut headquarters. WWE has had a rough few months in terms of ratings for its flagship show.
Things were at their rock bottom for WWE back in July, when the July 4 holiday episode set an all-time ratings low for holiday episodes. Uproxx reporter Joe Starr speculated at the time that the low ratings were causing fits back in Stamford.

“Maybe not everything is hunky dory in Stamford, of course. Is this one of those days where Vince McMahon sails the stormy seas and screams at the clouds like Lt. Dan in Forrest Gump? “I gave you a food fight and America beating all other countries, damn it! WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME?!”

More so, with all that having been done, we hope to always see the ratings of the WWE Monday night RAW in a newer dimension. Believe that!