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It has been revealed that there are some changes in the way some of the shows in the WWE are to be run this year. The body that is in charge of the sale of ticket for PPV and other WWE event, known as has announced some changes in timing of this year SummerSlam. The event which was scheduled to start by 6:30pm ET has been changed to 6:00pm ET.

The event, according to, has been stretched from its normal 4 hours to being 4 hours 30 minutes. This shows that this year’s SummerSlam will eventually be one of the longest ever in history. Previously, it was 3 hours and as at last year, it was changed to 4hours and now it has again been extended.

The reasons for these changes is because during the WrestleMania 32, fans felt it very difficult to get in the AT&T stadium which was the venue for the show because of Wi-Fi problem in the stadium which caused holdup in scanning tickets, this kept fans waiting outside for hours.

So, we can say that the changes are simply an answer to complains of fans because most fans complained of been dehydrated and fatigue some almost fainted. We strongly believe that with these changes, fans will be highly favored.