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Many years ago, during the reign of Stone Cold Steve Austin, there was feud which happened among Steve Austin against Triple H and the feud was indeed a terrible one and even was the talk of town at that time.

The match was actually at a live event in Germany and as the match, Steve took the lead against Triple H but the match really ended in the opposite of what it seemed at the beginning.

According to report, there was a fan in the field who was not pleased with the later outcome of the match and so he entered into the ring started attacking Steve Austin from the back. Triple H was not pleased with the fans so he made sure that the fan go down and afterwards, Triple H started punching the fan while on the ground, the fan really saw hell.

More so, the referee that was in charge of the match that day, Mike Chioda joined force with Triple H in brutalizing the fan and made sure that the fan was well beaten. The fight continued until the security walked in to take the fan. Fans should not take chances because they are regarded as the fabric of the company. There is limitation to the pass of any fan.