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The WWE 16 time world heavyweight champion John Cena has truly proven to the world that he is indeed a champion and a talented superstar at that.

It is revealed that Cena has a dual personality. It may surprise you what I mean by that, isn’t it? Oh yes, John Cena in the ring seems to be quite different from the Cena in real life. John Cena is such an affectionate superstar, kind, generous and caring.

After the marriage of Cena got broken, he fell in love with Nikki Bella who happens to be a top WWE diva, champion and fans favorite talent. It is obvious that Cena is deeply with his girlfriend Nikki and will soon make the vow with her.

The dimension of their love broke out when a boy at Phoenix Comicon asked the SmackDown star, “Where is your favorite place to be?” he told Nikki to stand up and gave her a hug. Cute!

But when the same boy asked him about his favorite food, Cena made quite the wise crack. “If I had Nikki stand up this time, I couldn’t show you. Don’t worry; you’re going to get that in 15 years.”

Very funny, Cena! At least Nikki Bella gave the boy a more suitable answer, explaining that he loves steak and vegetables. I know a lot of people might just be wondering why Cena has not fully married Nikki Bella, but to let you know this, this is not a course to be wondering about because Cena I know has a plan and a perfect plan at that.