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Clear enough, the WWE sometimes indulge in the spring cleaning exercise to make space for more talented superstars from the NXT or from other wrestling company. The spring cleaning simply means the release of some talents in the company who are thought to be of little or no value to the company.

Contracts of some superstars are getting expired and even some expired last month. As it is now, the contracts may not be renewed as the company may just use it as a means to bid them goodbye. According to, contracts of a handful of lower and mid-card talents are being low-balled on their downside guarantee. Some aren’t even expected to be offered contracts.

The reason for this is that Triple H wants to bring in talents from NXT before the SummerSlam event. So, we can say that the idea of the spring cleaning is Triple H’s who just want to clear some space for the talents from NXT. Well, these plans may not fully be executed because the boss Vince McMahon will have to give his own report which is final.

There have been no complains yet by the superstars in the company but it is reported that the plans will not last long at all. So this will eventually link to the WWE superstars who asked for their released, such as Cody Rhodes and Wade Barrett counting lucky and wise. This hasn’t escaped the Superstars who will potentially be affected, but there aren’t any complains yet.

More so, in the list of those that are to be released from the company know themselves already. The former Intercontinental Champion Ryback will certainly be released from the company. It is revealed that in May, Ryback had a conflict regarding his contract with the company and ever since then, he and the company have been in rival. Ever since this incidence, the WWE has been looking for a better platform to push him out and I believe that the opportunity to do so has finally come.