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This Indeed is a Painful Experience!

It is no secret that Jimmy ‘Superfly’ Snuka the WWE Hall of Famer is the prime suspect for the death of his late girlfriend, Nancy Argentino. Although the whole incident took place way back, that is 32years ago. Recently the case was re-visited and Snuka was charged with third-degree murder and involuntary manslaughter when the grand jury discovered that he kept on assaulting Argentino times without number at a Pennsylvania motor lodge and abandoned her to die.

Snuka was found incompetent to stand trial few weeks ago as the defense and his wife Carole, claims that he is suffering from dementia and that his health his gradually declining both mentally and physically but the prosecutors maintain the fact that Snuka was only pretending in order for him to escape the charges against him.

It was reported by, that the prosecutors filed a motion requesting that Snuka be sent to participate in the outpatient mental health treatment (psychiatric hospital) for 2 months to know if truly he cannot stand the trial.

Earlier on, the presiding judge, Kelly L. Banach rejected the motion that was requested by the prosecutors to have Snuka involuntarily taken to a psychiatric hospital because he feels that the 73-year old Snuka is to ‘Vacant’ to formulate such an untrue story. But after given it much consideration, he gave an order that Snuka should be given a four-day competence hearing to really know if he is truly suffering from that disease.
Under American law, a mentally incompetent person cannot be required to stand trial. A hearing on the motion has not been scheduled as on this writing.

It is against the American law that a mentally derailed person be tried in the court of law. Presently, a hearing on that note has not been scheduled.