WWE NEWS: See Nikki Bella’s Reactions To John Cena’s Death Rumor – What An Attack!

The former WWE Women’s champion Nikki Bella had been so addicted with the things that have to do with her boyfriend and former WWE World heavyweight champion John Cena. It appears that this couple loves each other.

Nikki Bella recently returned from injury and was drafted into the same brand with her boyfriend; both of them are in the SmackDown live brand doing their things. It was rumored recently that John Cena the 16 time WWE world heavyweight champion had passed away in a car accident. This was a hoax anyway and not a factual news update.

It is revealed that this news recently made waves in social medias most especially on facebook and several of the WWE universe who seems not to love the former champion had to believe the news without any further investigations. True fans of John Cena had chatted with him on twitter where they asked him why he does not want to respond to the rumor of his death but he did say anything.

Furthermore, Nikki Bella who hearing the news was wrath and very angry at it; Nikki Bella is still John Cena’s girlfriend and not a wife yet but soon or later, the two will be joined together as man and wife.

In a recent interview, Nikki Bella was asked how she felt about the news of her boyfriend’s death. She chuckled, and then said that she was so wrath that if she had known who the initial reporter is, she would have just made way and lay hands on him or her. Secondly, Nikki was asked what made her felt bad about the death news and she said that it is because John Cena is the man she wants to spend the rest of her life with and that she wouldn’t want to hear any side talks of negativities.

Nikki Bella is deeply in love with John Cena and we hope to see both of them become husband and wife. What do you think? Well, I strongly wish them a happy stay together in love and harmony.