WWE NEWS: See What Paige Reveals About Her Relationship With Alberto Del Rio – Love Goes On – See Details…

The love story of the two former WWE champions Alberto Del Rio and Paige has been a ranging flood in time past and the rumor of the possibility of the two leaving each other has in several times been announced and this rumors anyway seems to be true because they some life in them the rumors carries some elements of fact in time.

Last month or thereabout, the two of them was in the police custody for an offence called the domestic violence and when this was done every one in the WWE Universe and beyond took it among themselves that Paige and Alberto Del Rio are about to split since they have started having issues in their relationship. Another was the case of the WWE recent brand split which was carried few weeks ago and with it, many believed that the two will part ways.

Well, the brand split has come and gone and it seems that Paige and Alberto Del Rio are still moving on. Many fans have refused to believe that the two are still dating even with the brand split which we have thought would separate them. Anyway, to substantiate the claim that they are still into their affairs, Paige said: these words reveals that they are still dating.

“The last few days I’ve felt the happiest I’ve ever felt. I feel healthy. I feel content. I feel confident that I can do so much in this world. I got motivated back in the gym again (because c’mon guys I looked like I was slacking haha!).

I wanna work harder to achieve my future dreams and goals. And current dreams and goals. And it’s all thanks to this man. Without this man picking me up and telling me everything is ok I don’t know where I’d be.

He deserves all the happiness in the world. My best friend. Mi amor. Always gonna need you in my life. Thanks for everything you’ve done for me.”