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The WWE legend Seth Rollins made a surprising return to the ring at the Extreme Rules and cleared himself while the whole of WWE Universe listens. Just the night after his return, Shane McMahon that declared a huge feud against him and Roman Reigns at the Money in the Bank PPV stating that Reigns has to defend his Heavyweight Champion.

It is revealed that Seth had some misunderstanding with Bret Hart which lasted for quite a long time. Discussing in the Talk is Jericho Seth said, “But Bret Hart had some comments about me and how safe I am in the ring because of John’s broken nose and my getting hurt while I was the champion. And that hurt my feelings. I haven’t seen Bret since then, and I know he comes from a different era when they worked through a lot of stuff, but that sucked. For him to say that—in Sports illustrated interview—was rough.”

Again, Seth Rollins talked about his finisher that was banned by the company and how sad he is to let go off such finishing tactics, Curb Stomp. Curb Stomp was Seth’s finisher skill and was very easy to perform but really very dangerous.

Furthermore, Seth Rollins told Jericho that he was banned from using Curb Stomp finishing style not because it was dangerous in any way but because Vince McMahon thought that the tactic was too easy for children to perform and they may try it at home. This was how Seth lost his finisher’s Curb Stomp style.