WWE NEWS: See What Roman Reigns Did To The McMahon’s Family — This Was Hurtful And Cruel…

Over some time now,it seemed that the grudges that Vince McMahon had against Roman has gone down but just after Survivor Series the anger has be re-kindled.

The Survivor Series saw Shane McMahon in the team of SmackDown live superstars facing off RAW superstars. During the match, Roman Reigns had to offer Shane McMahon his finishing spear which made the commissioner of the Blue brand to be unconscious for some time.

As it is, Shane McMahon;s son was so bittered and battered as to what has happened to his dad and report stated that Randy Orton went out consoling him telling him that nothihg will happen to Shane McMahon his dad.

Report has it that, Vince McMahon is reportedly livid over Roman Reigns not handling the spear spot with his son, Shane McMahon more carefully and possibly injuring his son. With that being said, many are claiming that is the reason why Roman Reigns didn’t wrestle on Raw last week and didn’t interfere in Raw’s Monday night main event.

It is believed that Roman Reigns was so supposed to interfere during the main event and move on to start his feud with Kevin Owens for The Universal title, but after the big Sunday night spot, the plan was promptly canceled.